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A FUNDIS technology-led initiative targeting decent employment and entrepreneurship for young Africans in skilled trades and professions. 


Are Better Jobs in Africa’s Construction Sector Possible?


In Africa, building construction is booming and city landscapes are changing fast. This is characterized by a poor and vulnerable workforce that often gravitates towards temporary, high-risk, physically demanding, and poorly paid work on construction sites. 


The workers often don’t know if they will have a job in a month’s time let alone whether they will receive pay for work they have done already. They have limited opportunities to upskill and transition into higher-paid, more stable, less demanding trades-often resigning to moving from site to site, living week-to-week, and chasing short-term contracts which they hope can support survival at home. 


Project Approach


Through the FUNDIS web and mobile applications, we verify, upskill, certify, and match artisans with income opportunities locally and globally. Our project focuses on personal development, productivity, stable incomes, social protection, and safe working conditions for the workers.


                                                                              Project Implementation


IngiaBiz is being implemented in partnership with the KENYA ASSOCIATION OF CERTIFIED TRAINING PROVIDERS FOR INDUSTRY (KACET). The project is currently funded by Challenge Fund For Youth Employment (CFYE)-Netherlands, Techbridge Invest-Norway, Kuria Capital-Kenya, and LTNT Investments-USA.


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