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FUNDIS enables homes and organizations to digitally find and hire competent, vetted, and accredited professionals for their repairs, maintenance, larger projects, and construction needs. Through the FUNDIS mobile application, Artisans and Builders digitize their business transactions while accessing loans, insurance, and upskilling opportunities.

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Our Process

We are committed to make our processes easy,fast and efficient.

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Step 2: Place Your Order

Whether you have a minor fix or a large project, just confirm your details and submit

Step 3: Get Matched

After placing your order, we’ll perfectly match you with the best pros for your job and you can preview their profiles

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Step 4: Satisfaction & Payment

Once you’re happy with the selected pros or work done, you can make your payment and you’re done.

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Our Quality Guarantee

With certifiers and skills accreditors, we aim to always retain top talent. To assure customers' quality, our pros commit to a money-back policy.

Tell us about your repair or projects today.

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